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From June until November 2014, regular Hancock County Republican meetings will be the second Thursday of the month at Ellsworth City hall from 7-9.  Be prepared to learn more about your candidate and how to support him/her so we win Augusta back in November.  
August 14
September 11
October 9 

Important HCRC business

Thursday, August 14, 7 PM Ellsworth City Hall. (This is the regularly scheduled meeting time and place)

We need to vote on a Headquarters. We need a quorum to proceed. Please set aside the time to decide if we will have one or not. As we will rent for September and October into November 4,this is the only meeting to vote. If you cannot attend, please send a proxy. 1 vote per person. No one can vote more than one time regardless of how many proxies he/she holds.

HCRC Meeting Date:
Thursday, August 14
7 pm @ Ellsworth City Hall

County Candidates running in 
November will be featured.  
They are important, and we 
need to know how best to 
support them!
Our July meeting was not heavily attended, 
but what an informative meeting it was with
Carol Woodcock from Susan Collins' 
Washington office having time to answer
lots of questions--many of which centered 
on illegal immigration!  It was a very spirited discussion. 

Upcoming Parades, Festivals & Fundraiser:

Another Parade

August 94:30 line up. 5:30 parade. Winter Harbor 50th Lobster Festival. Line up on Sargent Street. The organizer called and asked us to be a part of the festivities. It looks like a great day is planned and super fireworks afterwards.

Please consider coming to support your favorite Republican. This is David Burns and Rich Malaby’s district but Susan Collins, Governor LePage and Bruce Poliquin can all use people to walk for them and wear their shirts.

Please let me know if you can come or if you have any questions or need a shirt.  sandi04472@gmail.com 

Please let Sandi know of any festivals or parades in your area.  Please let those running for your district know about them as soon as you know.  Sandi is at 944-8444 orsandi04472@gmail.com.

Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser The Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser is on!  
Yes, it involves some exploring in Hancock County to discover the
businesses that pay for ads year after year.  The executive board
is "on board". Please send a $15 check made out to HCRC to Sandi
Blanchette, 208 Rocky Pond Heights, Orland, Maine 04472.  I'll send
you your list right away.  Have fun hunting!!  The prize is a $100
gift certificate from the business of your choice on the list.

Blue Hill Fair:  It is not too early to think about the Blue Hill Fair.  Labor Day weekend in September.   We will need people to "Man" the booth. Candidates:  make sure we have your literature.   Come and schmooze with the crowds.  We will provide a place for you to sit in between schmoozes. 

Governor LePage could use letters to the editors of newspapers.  Many of our Maine newspapers are owned by prominent Democrats so their news is not necessarily unbiased.  However, if flooded with letters, they eventually have to print them.  Governor LePage's administration paid the hospitals; saved the teachers' retirement which was bankrupt due to past "borrowing"; gave a 100% tax cut to the working poor; and just this week announced that only eight states have won grants--all of them led by Republican Governors. Augusta--Governor Paul R. LePage released a statement yesterday about the Workforce Investment Act Incentive Grant that Maine has earned by hitting Program Year 2012 performance goals.  It's the first time in twelve (12) years that Maine qualified for an incentive grant.  Maine's unemployment rate is very low, especially compared to national numbers.  Yet, all one seems to hear is that LePage is terrible.  Is this because he is Republican, stopping people from stealing from the citizens, or because he is Franco-American?  One doesn't know.  But the good people of Maine need to know that he is helping all of us in Maine!

Bruce Poliquin has been a friend of the HCRC for a long time.  He has been willing to attend and speak at meetings for years whether he has been running for anything or not.  Please support him the way he has always supported us.